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µTorrent Skinning and Customization Guide

Skinning and customizing µTorrent

Try out the Skins app in µTorrent! It's easy to use and allows you to preview the skin in your client itself. There are also alternative methods to skin detailed below.

If you'd like to create a skin, visit our Guide to Creating Skins.

How to use manually downloaded skins

If you have a .btskin file, double click it, or drag 'n drop it into µTorrent and you're done! If you're downloading from our skins page, click the Download Now button. Copy the file(s) to %AppData%\uTorrent (paste this path into Explorer), then restart µTorrent.

How do I go back to the default skin?

If you're using our skins app, then it's easy! Open the app, go to Default Skins and click on the one you want. If you're using a manually downloaded .btskin, then either use the app or go to %AppData%\uTorrent and delete current.btskin. If using files from our skins page, delete the .ico or .bmp files in the same folder.