Frequently Asked Questions

Using µTorrent

What are µTorrent's system requirements?

Very low! µTorrent is designed to consume as few resources as possible to avoid impacting your computer use. µTorrent will work on Windows XP and up, including Windows 7. The Mac version supports OS X 10.5 and up.

Is µTorrent open source?

No. It is not likely to become open source.

Is there a Mac or Linux version?

Yes, there is a Mac version! Download it now!

Linux users can run µTorrent Server, a command-line version of our client. A GUI version is coming later this year.

What do the red icons mean on the torrent status icons?(Tracker Error (download)/Tracker Error (upload))

These red icons indicate that µTorrent was not able to reach the tracker. This could happen when the tracker goes offline, becomes overloaded, or when the domain simply doesn't exist anymore. Check the Trackers tab to see the exact error message. This is generally non-fatal and no action should be taken.

What do all the status icons mean?
  • means the torrent is downloading
  • means the torrent is downloading, but there is a tracker error
  • means the torrent is a queued download
  • means the torrent is seeding
  • means the torrent is seeding
  • means the torrent is a queued seed
  • means the torrent is a stopped download
  • means the torrent is a stopped seed
  • means the torrent is paused
  • means the torrent has an error (check the status column)
How can I rename a torrent's caption in the main view?

Select the torrent and press F2, or single click. Pressing Esc will cancel the rename.

What do all these BitTorrent terms mean, such as seeder, snubbed, etc?

See the Wikipedia's Glossary of BitTorrent Terms

What are labels and what can they be used for?

Labels are a powerful feature in µTorrent. They can be used for simply labeling your torrents to identify them, or to use for sorting the torrents more easily. For example, you could label your torrents from private trackers as "private", and then click on the Labels column to easily sort all your private torrents. You can select one torrent or more than one to apply a label.

Simply right click on the torrent(s), go to Label, and click "New label..." to add a label, or select an already existing label. This can be done regardless of it a torrent already had a label.

To remove a label from a torrent, right click the torrent, Labels -> Remove Label.

Unused labels are automatically removed from the list.

If you would like labels that never disappear, you can add persistent labels in Advanced -> User Interface.

The benefit of normal and persistent labels is that they can be used in tandem with "Move completed downloads to" in the Folders section. The label would be used as a subdirectory to place the completed download in. See Can µTorrent automatically move files when the torrent finishes? for further explanation.

What do the terms wasted and hashfails mean?

Wasted shows a combination of discarded data and bad data. Discarded data is data that's sent to you by a peer that your client didn't want. Hashfails happen when bad data is received and the client throws it out.

µTorrent automatically verifies all downloaded data and will ensure that only correct data is written to disk.

What does availability mean?

That number tells you how many unique copies of the file are available between yourself and the peers you're connected to. If this is less than 1, you most likely will not be able to complete the torrent. The only thing you can do is wait and hope a seeder hops onto the torrent to allow you to complete it. You can also try and request a "reseed" on the tracker's forum. Sometimes, this may never happen because the torrent was abandoned, and you may need to find the torrent elsewhere.

What is M-Lab?

µTorrent has partnered with Measurement Lab (M-Lab), to provide internet testing tools for our users.

Measurement Lab (M-Lab) is an open, distributed server platform for researchers to deploy Internet measurement tools. The goal of M-Lab is to advance network research and empower the public with useful information about their broadband connections. By enhancing Internet transparency, M-Lab helps sustain a healthy, innovative Internet.

No personally identifiable information is shared by using the Measurement Lab testing tools in µTorrent. The data collected in the process of testing is, however, intended to be made open and available for researchers in accordance with the policies of Measurement Lab. Details of the data created by the tests is available here. Network Diagnostic Tool is the first to be made available through the client.