Frequently Asked Questions

Error Messages

While downloading/seeding, I get 'Error: The system cannot find the path specified'.

This problem may be caused by a limitation in Windows with path lengths. Windows unfortunately limits the maximum length to 255 characters (which includes the filename). Try saving the torrent to a location closer to the drive's root, such as C:\torrent.

How do I fix 'Error: Unable to save the resume file?'

Delete %AppData%\uTorrent, then uninstall and reinstall µTorrent. If this fails, create two blank files named 'settings.dat' and 'resume.dat' (without the quotes) in the same folder where you downloaded utorrent.exe. Make sure Windows is not hiding the file extension when creating the file.

What does Disk Overloaded in the status bar mean?

This means that the disk was not able to keep up with the read/write speed. This is normal behavior when first starting a large torrent, as Windows must create the file before it can be written.

I get 'Error: Data Error (cyclic redundancy check)' and my torrent halts.

This is an error reported by your hard drive. It means that your HDD was unable to read or write the data because it is starting to fail. Solving this is beyond the scope of this FAQ.