Frequently Asked Questions


I found a bug, what do I do?

Try to see if the bug is reproducible. Go to the µTorrent forums, search the "Found Bugs" forum to make sure your bug wasn't found already. If it wasn't already reported, register and post it with instructions on how to reproduce it. Make sure it is not caused by any of the incompatible software mentioned in this FAQ.

My question isn't answered here or I'd like to request a feature. Is there somewhere I can go?

You can get support in the µTorrent community forums or request features on our Idea Bank, but be sure to use the search feature first! The support forums are generally for English speaking users only.

What is DHT?

DHT (Distributed Hash Table, technical explanation) is a decentralized network that µTorrent can use to find more peers without a tracker. What this means is that your client will be able to find peers even when the tracker is down, or doesn't even exist anymore. You can also download .torrent files through DHT if you have a magnet link, which can be obtained from various sources.

Does DHT mean my torrents from private trackers are getting leaked?

No, private trackers embed a flag into the .torrent that prevents DHT from being used on that torrent.

Can you implement password locking?

This feature is provided as an extension to the boss key in version 2.2. Check out the preferences in µTorrent!

Can you implement manual client banning?

No, this option will not be implemented. It is misused far too often by people who do not understand the BitTorrent protocol enough to use it properly. Leave banning up to the tracker. If you require banning of IP ranges for other purposes, ipfilter.dat is available for that.

What do all those settings in Advanced do?

Please consult the help file found in the documentation section.

How can I prevent specific IPs from connecting to me?

You can use the ipfilter feeature built into µTorrent. It is a simple text file named ipfilter.dat that specifies IP ranges to block. The format is - yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy

You can also use single IPs on a line (i.e.

Each new IP or IP range must be placed on a new line.

Place it in %AppData%\uTorrent, and set ipfilter.enable to true in the Advanced.

To reload ipfilter.dat without restarting µTorrent, view the Peers tab, right click, and select "Reload IPFilter."

How can I make µTorrent start in bosskey mode?

Add /HIDE to the shortcut for µTorrent. Make sure you've set a bosskey beforehand, otherwise you will have to end the process and start it again without /HIDE to access it.

How can I make µTorrent start minimized?

Simply add /MINIMIZED to the command line. Either modify the shortcut, or if you want it to start minimized when starting with Windows, open the registry editor (Start -> Run -> regedit), browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, double click on µTorrent's entry, and append /MINIMIZED to the end of the command.

How can I make µTorrent auto-load torrents from a specified folder?

Simply turn on "Automatically load torrents in directory:" in Other, specify the folder, and hit OK. µTorrent will load the torrents soon after they're added to that folder, though it will ask you where to save them. If you want it to automatically save to a folder, turn on "Put new downloads in" in Downloads and specify your download folder. However, turning on "Put new downloads in" will prevent the BitComet-style add torrent dialog from showing up, unless you use File -> Add Torrent (no default save) or turn on "Always show dialog on manual add." You can turn on "Delete torrent instead of renaming, when loading" so it deletes the torrent after loading, instead of renaming it to .torrent.loaded.

Please note that the auto-load folder CANNOT be either %Appdata%\uTorrent, OR the folder you specified for "Store .torrent files in." If you use the same folders for both, you WILL have problems.

Is it possible to make µTorrent load a torrent from the commandline?

Yes. The syntax is as follows: uTorrent.exe /directory "C:\Save Path" "D:\Some folder\your.torrent"

You must not have a trailing backslash in the save path, else µTorrent will fail to load it. This works for both single-file and multi-file torrents.

What do all the flags in the Flags column mean?
  • D = Currently downloading (interested and not choked)
  • d = Your client wants to download, but peer doesn't want to send (interested and choked)
  • U = Currently uploading (interested and not choked)
  • u = Peer wants your client to upload, but your client doesn't want to (interested and choked)
  • O = Optimistic unchoke
  • S = Peer is snubbed
  • I = Peer is an incoming connection
  • K = Peer is unchoking your client, but your client is not interested
  • ? = Your client unchoked the peer but the peer is not interested
  • X = Peer was included in peerlists obtained through Peer Exchange (PEX) or an IPv6 peer told you its IPv4 address.
  • H = Peer was obtained through DHT.
  • E = Peer is using Protocol Encryption (all traffic)
  • e = Peer is using Protocol Encryption (handshake)
  • P = Peer is using uTorrent uTP
  • L = Peer is local (discovered through network broadcast, or in reserved local IP ranges)
Can µTorrent automatically move files when the torrent finishes?

Yes, you can set this in the Downloads section. It can move it to another folder, or to another partition.

If you check "Append the torrent's label to the directory name", the label is used as the subdirectory name for finished torrents with that label.