µTorrent Control

µTorrent Control allows for a robust µTorrent experience, directly from the Browser! Privately control your client from any browser, any computer, and anywhere. You can even manage multiple clients with µTorrent Control.

We’ve taken great steps to insure your privacy. We have no idea what your password is so make sure you remember.

Set up µTorrent Control

For initial set up, make sure µTorrent Control and the µTorrent Client is installed and running on the same computer.

Once installed:
In µTorrent Control, select Set up µTorrent Control > select Yes in the µTorrent Client to allow access > choose a Computer name and Password

Make sure you remember your password. For your privacy we do not store your password.

If you would like to set a recovery question:
In the µTorrent client > Options > Preferences > Remote > Set Security Question

Add, remove and manage torrents

Add a torrent
Find the torrent you want to add > right click on the torrent > select Copy link location > select the plus symbol in µTorrent Control > paste the URL in Add Torrent > select Upload

Remove a torrent
In µTorrent Control, click on the X next to any torrent to remove it from the client

Want to see your torrent list?
Click on the arrow pointing down to expand your torrent list

Do more with µTorrent Control

You can sign in and out of multiple accounts

To disconnect µTorrent Control
Select Connection Settings in µTorrent Control > select Disconnect µTorrent Control

Resetting passwordIn order to reset Computer name and password, µTorrent Control and the µTorrent Client must be on the same machine.Select Connection Settings in µTorrent Control > select Reset Local uTorrent Credentials

Want more functionality?Click on the µTorrent Icon to access our full web remote
Log in using your credentials from above