µTorrent Control

Super fast, ultra light torrenting directly
from your browser

Tired of opening up µTorrent to check download status, or add/start/stop a torrent? Want to access µTorrent from your work PC?

µTorrent Control is the latest tiny-but-mighty addition to the uTorrent family. It's the best of µTorrent, right inside your web browser. µTorrent Control allows you to search the web, easily manage multiple clients from any computer, and much more. And, µTorrent Control is sponsored by our search partners and supports our ongoing innovation.

Requires µTorrent 3.0 or higher


  • Sync remotely
  • Sync with desktop
    µTorrent Client
  • Launch web remote
  • Add torrent
  • Remove torrent
  • Pause torrent
  • Check download status
  • Monitor download speed
  • Toggle full torrent list

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