µTorrent Plus

Play it Safe. Play it Now. Play it Anywhere.

  • Protect your computer with integrated antivirus
  • Get the codecs you need to enjoy HD video
  • Easily move files to your favorite devices
  • No advertisements
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Antivirus Protection

Automatically defends your PC and your library against viruses

A lack of knowledge about the source and safety of files can make torrenting a little scary. With award-winning antivirus protection powered by BitDefender, your torrent content is thoroughly scanned, keeping your downloads safer from viruses, malware and other threats.

  • Fully integrated with automatic download scan
  • Hourly antivirus updates can protect from the latest threats
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HD Media Player

Seamlessly play all your torrent content

Playing your downloads is a hassle when your player can’t recognize the file format. And free converter files (codecs) often deliver hidden viruses and spyware. µTorrent Plus includes a high-def media player with reliable codecs so you can play nearly all popular file types without hassle.

  • Supports the highest-quality playback including True HD
  • Plays more formats than many popular players including the native Windows player*

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* Based on the latest Windows 7 Media Player. Earlier versions play even fewer formats.

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Convert & Play

Easily convert downloaded files to a playable format and transfer them to your different devices

Now it's easy to move files from your torrent library and play them on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Xbox, Playstation, or Android device. Just drag and drop files onto a device icon in µTorrent.

  • Watch torrent content on your tablets, smart phones and television*
  • Lets you pre-set device conversions so they start the moment your download completes

* Television playback when combined with Apple TV, Xbox or PS3

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Remote File Access

Directly access your µTorrent library anytime, from anywhere across the globe

Want to remotely grab your torrent library before you board that long flight? No problem! Create a µTorrent remote account for µTorrent Plus and you can easily download your content to any device that has a supported browser.

  • Gives you full control and access even when you're away from your computer
  • Fully private system for µTorrent remote accounts that means that we don't collect or store a personal identity or passwords for your µTorrent remote account

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