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Go Pro to block bad torrents that have viruses.

Advanced security, no ads, HD media player, support and more

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µTorrent Classic Pro Features

No more viruses or malware

Built in anti-virus ensures that your PC torrent downloads are safe and secure.

Play downloaded files instantly

Play torrents and torrent magnet links while they download in an integrated HD media player.

Convert files to play on mobile

µTorrent Pro helps you convert torrent files after downloading to play on another device.

Go ads-free!

Enjoy a cleaner interface from the #1 Windows 10 torrent client!


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Privacy Online
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  • Includes all Pro features
  • 1-year of CyberGhost VPN
  • Block malware & viruses
  • No ads
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    for Classic

    Enhanced Security
    Limited Time Only
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    List Price:$19.95
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  • Block malware & viruses
  • No ads
  • Convert files
  • Play instantly in HD
  • Premium support

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    Clean Interface
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  • No distractions
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    Free Torrent Client
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  • Bulk torrent downloads
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    µTorrent Classic Pro Product Tip

    What makes µTorrent Classic Pro better than the free version?

    The free version µTorrent Classic is already feature rich, making it great for automating torrent downloads, managing your bandwidth and data usage, customizing the interface and more. With µTorrent Pro, you go ads-free and get an important layer of security to ensure your torrent PC downloads are safe. Each torrent download is scanned for malware and viruses with a leading anti-virus solution, ensuring that your files are delivered securely. The Pro version also includes a file converter and an HD media player to help you quickly playback all your audio and video files.

    If you want a little more, we offer µTorrent Classic Pro+VPN that includes one-year of CyberGhost VPN. With the subscription supporting 5 simultaneous device connections, you can ensure online privacy on your desktop computer, mobile phone, tablets, and more.

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