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µTorrent Remote is a feature that allows you to manage µTorrent Classic for Windows or Mac on your home computer. Once the setup is complete, you can quickly add, remove, start and stop downloads on your home computer from wherever you are, and from any device.

In order to keep your information private, we do not allow you to sign up on our website. Instead, you must sign up for an account from µTorrent Android or from a Web Browser. Both methods are outlined below.

Setup from µTorrent Android

Step #1

Install µTorrent Android, then open the app on your Android device. Next, open µTorrent Classic on your Windows home computer (this method is not compatible with Mac), then make sure both your Android and Windows devices are on the same wifi network. Tap on the computer icon in the top right corner of µTorrent for Android. A window will pop up with a 4-digit PIN code.

Step #2

Open µTorrent Classic for Windows on your home computer and find the popup window labeled ‘Connect to your device’, then enter the 4-digit PIN code that was provided to you on your Android device. Now you are paired and ready to add, pause, resume, and delete torrents from anywhere! Please remember that for the remote connection to work, you must leave your home computer on and the µTorrent desktop app running.

Note: Follow these links if you need to install µTorrent Classic for Windows or µTorrent Android.

Setup from a Web Browser

Step #1

Open µTorrent Classic (Windows or Mac) and go to Options > Preferences > Remote.

Step #2

Select 'Enable µTorrent Remote Access', then choose a computer name (the name can be anything) and password. Click the 'Apply' or ‘Sign in’ button. When you see the status as 'Accessible', you can now access µTorrent Classic from a browser at by using the same computer name and password. Note that for you to remotely connect to µTorrent Classic on your home computer, your home computer must remain on and µTorrent Classic must be running.

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