About Us

µTorrent (officially called "micro" torrent but often called "u" torrent) is a torrent client that was originally created by Ludvig Strigeus (ludde) to be the lightest and fastest torrent client. µTorrent is currently maintained by a team of developers at BitTorrent, Inc. A client is simply a computer program that follows the rules of a protocol. In this sense, a torrent client is not much different than a Web browser client, such as Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari. But where a browser client follows the rules of the HTTP protocol (HyperText Transfer Protocol) to move data and files over the Internet, a torrent client follows the rules of the BitTorrent protocol to do the same. Just as there are multiple HTTP clients, there are multiple BitTorrent clients, and µTorrent is one such BitTorrent client.

The BitTorrent protocol was invented in 2001 by Bram Cohen to solve, among other problems, the network congestion that occurs when many people try to download the same file from a centralized server. BitTorrent is a peer-to-peer protocol, so it avoids the centralized server and allows people to download files from each other. Unlike with a centralized server, the more users trying to get the same file, the faster and more efficient the file is transferred.

As a practitioner of BitTorrent Protocol, µTorrent shares the values and vision with another SR participant, BitTorrent. As such, µTorrent will also participate in SR election. In the hope of being elected as an SR, µTorrent will promote the value of decentralizing the Internet and will enable all µTorrent users to enjoy more freedom online.

Why Us

We run an extensive infrastructure to support our massive worldwide user base. We have servers housed in multiple state of art data centers around the world with disaster recovery centers in Los Angeles and Iceland.

Available infrastructure for this project
CPU 72 Cores, RAM 1TB, SSD: 3T
Network:25 gbs
Available IT Budget: $120,000


  • Francisco De La Cruz

    Lead Engineer in Engineering
    San Francisco, CA

  • Gauthier Groult

    Sr. Director, Engineering in Engineering
    San Francisco, CA